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31-Aug-2020 | By Nagendra Mishra


E-commerce Website: 10 Must-have Features

E-commerce Website: 10 Must-have Features

Online shopping has given a whole new experience to people who are constantly looking for a change in style, easy access to the latest gadgets, or just want to buy essential grocery items. Retail businesses have seen great success with the increasing number of online shoppers for almost all items. So what makes an e-commerce website most-visited? Is it the design? Is it the product listing? or something else? Let us find out 10 must-have features for any e-commerce website User-friendly About 80 to 90% of online visitors will leave a shopping website when asked to register before making a purchase. The idea should be to keep things simple for anyone using your e-commerce website. When a person is looking for a particular product, it is distracting to see numerous ads and pop-ups about the latest products. You should try to make the search results appear faster. For example: Try to suggest similar items like the one they searched or purchased before. Include a variety of filter options for all the products. The user should be able to make a choice using these features and not get frustrated. You must make sure that the user experience is not hampered even when viewed on the mobile application. High-Quality Graphics For a person browsing an e-commerce website, whatever pleases the eyes will definitely be added to the cart. You have to endorse your products on the website using high-quality images that look appealing on all types of devices. Consumers want to have a 360-degree view and images from all angles of their desired product. Whatever product description you provide, unless it is paired with an equally promising product image people will not consider it as an option. Ecommerce websites should have multiple angle and high definition images for every product. A video about how to use the product or someone using the product will also make a good impression. Wish Lists What makes Amazon the most-visited shopping website? They use the remarketing strategy by reminding people about their wish lists. When people carefully choose and save things for buying later, it is stored in the wish lists. Even if the person forgets about those products; these lists just lure them into adding them to the cart. Emailers are also sent including the wish list products to have people check them out again. This is a definite feature every e-commerce website must include for their business. Social Media Lin You should link your social media business pages on the e-commerce website to showcase your online presence. As a brand, it is essential to stay socially connected with your followers. This is true for an e-commerce website also. Retail business owners may not be active on social media personally but their brand must remain active on social media networks. It is through emotional messages delivered through social media posts and comments that they believe in you, as a brand. Not only social messages, even responding to customer reviews(good or bad) will instill trust in the customers. By linking social media pages on the e-commerce website, consumers need not search for your official pages separately. They will have clear picture of your social media activities. Include share buttons on every product, so people can share products with their friends. Secured Payment Online transactions are not safe in any part of the world. But there are ways to keep yourwebsite safe from cyber criminals. As a business owner, it is your prime duty to be alert about website security. Consider these security features SSL certificate, Firewall, Two-factor authentication (via email or text) for safe transactions. Including the website’s privacy policy vows that customer details are not shared with a third party Shipping Information Most of the time the shopping cart items are deleted looking at the exorbitant shipping charges during the payment process. The best way to avoid such a situation is to show the shipping charges before the checkout process so people know how much it will cost them. You can also add a shipping charge calculator where people can enter their zip code to check the charges. Shipping information must also include the date and time of delivery for the selected product. Most shoppers are willing to buy more products if free shipping is applicable. Return and Exchange Policy One thing that turns a customer off from a company apart from a bad product is the hassle to return the product back. Make it easier for the customers to return or exchange a product they purchased by clearly explaining the process. If any additional charges need to be paid or any specific store location can be visited; add details on the website’s ‘Returns and Exchange’ page. This will not only give them a sense of relief while returning the product but will keep them relaxed about buying from you again. Product Updates Getting new customers and maintaining a good bond is the essence of a successful retail business. One of the ways to keep your customers hooked to your brand is by giving regular product updates. Send an email or SMS notification about new product range added to your website, or ‘back-in-stock’ items, most bought items this month, or any special offers coming up soon. This will ensure that even in their busy schedule they are updated about great shopping deals. FAQ Page Online shopping might be a new experience for many around the world. And there might arise some questions while trying to make an online purchase. So, just make things simple for your esteemed customers. Create a frequently-asked-questions page on your e-commerce website for the ease of the customer. Customer Reviews About 95% of shoppers have a habit of reading the customer review for a product available online. Do not underestimate the power of negative reviews for your products. You must keep all types of customer review visible for others to read. If people get to see only positive reviews, they might feel it is a fake one. Customer reviews show how popular a particular product is and is it worth the money. 63% of consumers are most likely to buy a product having customer reviews and ratings



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The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.


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Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art