01-Sep-2020 | By Jessica Jones




1. Comment on Trending Posts and Raise Your Profile LinkedIn now sends notifications to profiles for relevant trending posts, to prompt them to comment as their LinkedIn Company page. Adding thoughtful comments and adding to conversations raises your Company’s profile and increases brand awareness through the visibility of your logo and Company page description of services. You are also helping your page to be viewed, and hopefully gaining followers. This is particularly relevant to larger businesses and teams, who utilise their Company Page more than their profiles. 2. Stand out from the Crowd with a Distinct Headline Your LinkedIn profile Headline is the first line of your profile that is shown within search results and when engaging on content or in groups. This short snappy “tag line” for your profile and/or business can be used to great effect. Gone are the times when [insert job title] was the norm for profiles. Headlines can be solution-orientated to showcase value proposition. They can also be humorous, and cheeky! Of course, this depends on the sector you operate in and whether you work as a solopreneur or within a corporate environment. You can speak out to your target market using your Headline eg what do you solve/how do you do this/what have you achieved? Be creative and change it up now and again. 3. Apply the New Services Section to your Profile There is a new feature on LinkedIn and should now be available within the UK. Check beneath your profile photo to see if you have access to this function. You can add the main services you offer to businesses or clients, however, you are limited to the options from LinkedIn. There is the ability to add specific areas under this – for example Design > Logo Design or Animation, depending on your skillset. Some of the wording can be restrictive eg Real Estate and not Estate Agents for UK. So why have the Services Section? • Get found more easily by businesses who are searching for your services or products • Good for recruiters searching for relevant candidates and vice versa for profiles to be visible for potential opportunities • It’s crystal clear to profile viewers the services you offer However, make use of your About Section to show your business’ personality and values, and engage with your network. I would advise not to be fully reliant on the Services Section. 4. Add your Team to Build Engagement & Rapport Please note this feature is being piloted at the time of writing and some profiles may not have access. The tool allows you to add Managers, Team Mates, and Direct Report profiles to a new area within the “My Network” section. Adding relevant profiles could potentially be very beneficial to your business. When a member of the team posts content to LinkedIn you will be notified – this is great as you can support the content and engage. It is important to do this as soon after the content is posted due to LinkedIn’s algorithm. LinkedIn says they will also send notifications regarding work anniversaries, birthdays and so on so teams are aware and can support each other. 5. Take Advantage of the Increased Character Limit in your About Section The About Section in your profile (previously the “Summary” Section has an increased character limit. You now get 2,600 characters to enhance your profile (used to be 2,000). The About Section is a fantastic way to showcase your personality, business, and values. We can make use of the space in a smart way, maybe display recent recommendations. This helps profile viewers see the value you provide more easily. The Recommendation Section is a good few scrolls away ALL THE WAY at the bottom of the profile! There’s an opportunity to help people understand you and your goals here, so the increased limit can be used to your advantage. I would stay clear of large blocks of text and break it up so it’s clear and concise. If you need advice for your LinkedIn profile or strategy, reach out to me on LinkedIn or send a quick email to [email protected].



Manuel Marty

31 October 2016at2:56 pm

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.


Steven Lucky

31 October 2016 at 2:56 pm

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art