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Welcome to my Author website, which serves to raise awareness of my books and the plight of mental patients.

Welcome to my Author website, which serves to raise awareness of my books and the plight of mental patients.

I’m setting up this page for entertaining and useful resources. Some of these will be from my pen, some from others. I will also share insights into succeeding in life with a bipolar condition. This will include earning a living by getting and holding down a job and how to set up a small business.

Plenty of this guidance will help anyone who is interested in getting work or setting up a business.

I will also blog on anything I feel is useful / interesting to mental patients and to the world. This will include how I’ve managed to organise my life by a series of steps. This process is lifting me out of chaos into simplicity, but there’s still scope for more improvement.

If you would like to speak to me directly, please email [email protected], where I will reply as soon as I can or visit my website: 




Currently in the process of writing my autobiography called 'Half-Life of the Yo-Yo Man' nearing completion.


Picture books for children

Different themes including: mad professors, time travel, comedy, zany and many more


Stories for older children

Different themes include: Adventure, pirates and treasure, comedy


Illustrated books for the teaching of English as a foreign language

Series of 10 story books to help teach the English language in a fun way. Name of the main character is Ogden Swoosh.



Skullenbone Island - a musical for children. Showgirl - a musical for adults covering greed, ambition and a plummet into despair.


Self-help books

Know Brainer self-help guides currently being brought to completion: 'Treat Your Job-Search Like A Military Campaign' 'Create A Small Business Without Losing Your Shirt'



Varying genres including: pop, country, gospel, rock. Charity fund / awareness raising songs a speciality.


97 SNARQS for your entertainment

An ebook and paper book containing 97 strip cartoons. Original characters, ideas, gags and drawings all from somewhere deep inside my some would say crazy cranium. The book isn't quite ready. A family bereavement has temporarily stopped me in my tracks. I'll make it known when it's ready to hit the...


Vacancy from the Creative World

Opportunities from the Creative World