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About the Company

We are a private clinical service providing personalised health monitoring

We take the worry and hassle out of keeping healthy

As we get older our bodies don't work as well as they used to. It's a gradual process and so difficult to notice until, sometimes it becomes a crisis.

  • What if you could have your vital signs frequently checked by clinicians who can identify trends early?                                

  • What if you could have these same clinicians at the end of the phone?

  • What if you could get our service even when you were away from home?

  • What if you could give your family peace of mind that you were well and your conditions
    were under control?

What else do we do.

  • Our monitoring centre checks every day that you are OK

  • If you are unwell our reports on your health will help clinicians treat you.

  • Remind you to take your medicine so that you have better adherence to medication

  • Organise for repeat prescriptions to be delivered to you (depending on your location)


We use mobile phone technology and the internet.

This sends data on your health and well-being to your personal web page where it is reviewed by clinicians who check that you are well and look for potential problems on the horizon. This information can be shared with whoever you want. This could include carers, family or friends, reassuring them of your well being.



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