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    Premium DISC training package

    Premium DISC training package - Description

    8 hour DISC training + workbooks + follow-up + 6 month support (the cost of 10 DISC profiles included)

    Why choose DISC training?

    The benefits of a system that can look at people in an objective and quantifiable way are enormous. DISC provides advantages that encompass a whole spectrum of business functions.

    Whether you’re recruiting a new candidate for a role, assessing someone who’s already part of your organisation, or just finding the optimum approach for an individual, DISC can deliver your business significant benefits and advantages.

    DISC makes light work of the recruiting process, making it practical and affordable to implement personality profiling throughout a business. Features like job matching can help to highlight those candidates who closely match the needs of a role, at least in terms of their individual personalities.

    For successful candidates, an understanding of their personal style can also help ease integration into the organisation, and with matching their particular strengths to the new role.

    The value of DISC doesn’t end once a new recruit is in place. Far from it, DISC has a huge contribution to make as part of your ongoing assessment programme, as well as helping to address specific issues as they develop. Regular profiling keeps you informed about individuals’ performance enabling you to develop strategies to keep them motivated and working at their best.

    One of the strengths of DISC is its ability to recognise how two different personalities will interact together.

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