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Dear Isle of Man Neighbourhood

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, we may all face challenges over the coming weeks and months. We wish to bring the communities across the Isle of Man to come together to support their neighbours in need during this period of disruption

We are monitoring the potential impact of coronavirus on our communities to make sure we can support everyone appropriately, including members of the community unable to contact their loved ones/usual support through their normal channels. You can connect with us from anywhere at any time through our online portal or FUOW Community Support groups.

Whether it is trying to find toilet paper or pasta, needing medicine or prescriptions collecting, or to have some contact with the outside world, this is an opportunity to support each other. However, we would like to ensure that genuine help is made available by the community for the community. Support is to be given on a voluntary basis with emphasis on fair/equal values when swopping goods - with no financial exchange in any of these interactions, and no advertising to be shared please.

We are setting up a WhatsApp Group within your neighbourhood. If you would like to join a group please text us on 07624 348676 and let us know your location. People who feel capable of helping those in need can opt in as volunteers. Additionally, if you don't have WhatsApp but need anything please let us know and we can share with the group.

We would appreciate if you could please pass on details of this support to members of the community who don't use social media, who are more likely to be isolated/vulnerable.

On behalf of
Find Us On Web Neighbourhood Support Group Team Jessica, Santosh, Paul, Carolyn and John

#StrongerTogether #IsleofMan #FindUsOnWeb

See below for a list of links to a
Whatsapp Group near you

Don't have Whatsapp? Download here

Need help to join a group or don't have access to
Whatsapp? Send an email to hello@findusonweb.com
so we can help you or someone in need