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Ratings and Reviews

People trust online reviews to find a reputable tradesman & professionals as a source of information about the products & services they need. This also opens a door to rogue professionals and traders. Our goal with Ratings & Reviews is to help you protect from rogue traders & share your thoughts and recommendations with other like-minded business people, while also giving businesses a chance to hear valuable feedback. We rely this valuable feedback from you to highlight the quality businesses and isolate the rogues & help people like you find a reputable tradesman & professionals.

More About Review

Reviews are a detailed title and description which expresses the visitor’s opinion of the listing. Reviews also include a star rating to go along with the detailed description.

As part of our commitment of helping you protect you from rogue, once our members give out a feedback for the job or a company, we put these reviews online for all to see. The results are made public for everyone & are completely free service to read and benefit from.

More About Ratings

Ratings allow a quick way for visitors to give their rating of listings. Hovering over the stars on a listing allows the visitor to click a specific star. When clicked, the rating is automatically submitted and captured. The visitor may subsequently click another star to change their rating.

Ratings categories allow for different ratings criteria. The administrator may define different ratings categories which allow ratters and reviewers more ways to rate a listing.

For example, an administrator may add the additional ratings categories of "Customer Support" and "Professionalism". When a user reviews a listing, they will have the option of giving the listing an overall rating in combination with individual ratings for "Customer Support" and "Professionalism".

Review Comments

Comments may be left on individual reviews using add Comments button against a review. Listing owners may respond to reviews by adding a normal comment. The comment will contain a label designating it as being the owner’s response. Comments may be set to display immediately upon submission but If approval of comments is required then this will be marked as Pending and will be visible only after approval by an admin.

Reviewer Details

If they are not logged in, then ratings will be recorded by IP address. Allowing anonymous reviews leaves open the possibility of duplicate ratings if a user changes their IP address.

Require visitors to log in before they may submit a review. If visitor do not have an account or they want to leave the review without login then the visitor will be required to provide their name and additional details.

Ratings & Reviews Approval

Reviews may be set to display immediately upon submission, but we may also moderate the review and in such cases If approval of reviews is required, the status of the review will remain pending until its approved.

Display a Captcha on the review submission form helps us prevent robotic submission of Review and safeguards from Hackers.

Voting A Review

Other Visitors may also vote on the helpfulness of a review using a "Yes" or "No" vote.

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Please note that the opinions expressed within reviews are those of the individual author and are not the views or opinions of Find us on web or any of its employees. If you have an issue with any review comments then please contact us, and include as much detail and information as possible.